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Neil Davda

top tier BJJ and MMA in the Midlands. World champion BJJ coaches and former pro fighters teaching the MMA. Classes during the morning lunch and dinner, the most premier academy in Columbia by far for MMA, the gym environment is very familial and welcoming, Highly recommend coming in for a few free trial classes.

Colleen Townsend

I started BJJ classes at TNT because I wanted to both improve my overall fitness AND challenge myself to do something completely out of my comfort zone. Mission accomplished. I’ve been a member for a few months and so far it has been worth every penny. I feel healthier than I have in years and I also leave every class with a renewed sense of confidence in myself. If you are looking to make a commitment to yourself and your health, this is a great place to start.

Dale Addy reviewed TNT Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

I have been training at TNT for about two years and it has become an indispensable part of my daily routine. Since training at TNT I have become a more resilient and capable martial artist and athlete. The classes are taught by instructors with years of experience in professional competition and coaching. I’m currently taking Brazilian Jiujitsu and MMA classes and I could not be more satisfied with the results I have seen in my fitness, effectiveness, and confidence. I also see that newcomers are always welcomed and treated well which makes me proud to be part of such an inclusive group. Every world champion had a first day of training so no previous experience is required. I have seen people of all physical stature and athletic abilities succeed here and have personally witnessed TNT turn lambs into lions.

Phillip Walker

TNT is incredible! The coaches are fully dedicated to helping you reach your personal goals and making those goals possible!!! And man what a workout!!

Jasmin Bynoe reviewed TNT Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

Going to TNT has been more than awesome. Without this amazing team I would have never started having and enjoying an active lifestyle or had a reason to. I've lost about fifty pounds in a year and I feel great. Your mental strength and confidence will definitely go up. Come on down to our MMA class! We don't bite, everyone's learning, and super supportive.

Anna-Marie Richardson reviewed TNT Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

I’ve only been at TNT for a few months but i have enjoyed it so much! Everyone is so friendly and nice, and I’ve also gained a few friends! 👍🏽😁

Ashley Escue reviewed TNT Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

TNT is an amazing place! Tim and Tamayah, as well as all the instructors, are very knowledgeable and inspiring people. I love the positive atmosphere; everyone is very welcoming and helpful. It's like a huge family! I highly recommend the MMA program, it has had an incredible impact on my life. Not only has my physical fitness and overall well being improved, but so has my self-confidence. I look forward to many, many years of training!

Anita Boal West reviewed TNT Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

Love TNT. My daughter started when she was 4 and I have seen her confidence and strength increase from karate at TNT Martial Arts and Fitness. Thanks TNT!

Sutania Fuller reviewed TNT Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

TNT truly gave me results I wanted to reach. After three months of joining the TNT family, I dropped 20lbs, down a pants size, and down two dress sizes. TNT is more than just kickboxing, it is a family. We get to workout hard, sweat a lot, and joke around with each other just like family. TNT has allowed me to improve my confidence, core, strength, and overall health and fitness. I would recommend TNT to anyone!!!

Faith Lirosi reviewed TNT Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

We love TNT!! They are amazing with kid’s karate classes and make sure that all children are equally involved and they take the time to make sure they all understand. Their kickboxing class really kicks butt and gives you the best workout ever!! Thank you Tim and Tamayah and all of your amazing staff for all you do!! ❤️

Suzanne Henson Sanders reviewed TNT Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

I've been taking kickboxing classes at TNT for a year, and I've celebrated many non-scale victories since joining: increased stamina & strength; losing inches; feeling better overall; renewed self-confidence; finding new friends and a "family" of sorts 3 nights a week; and the best stress relieving workout EVER!
I cannot say enough awesome things about TNT Martial Arts & Fitness and the difference it has made in my life. The folks there (owners, staff, and partners in kickboxing crime) make me want to do better and try harder at every workout.
I would recommend TNT to anyone who wants to have a challenging workout!!

Liz MT reviewed TNT Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

This place is awesome! Great family atmosphere and awesome workout. Keeps me coming back week after week and makes working out fun.

Krystal Powers reviewed TNT Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

My son is learning so much he absolutely loves going every time! I am seeing some improvements with his behavior and he no longer worries about bullying (he's always the youngest kid in his class so usually the smallest) he loves the people and they have been super supportive for the both of us!

Update: Aidyn has been going for a little over a month now and his behavior is like night and day being a single mom is hard and this has made it a lot easier for me and him he has to keep up with his uniform and keep it clean his class is extremely important to him each time he goes he comes home so proud of what he's learned we are going to enroll him in the competition team starting next month and I can't wait to see what he learns tnt has helped him more than I can express definitely worth it

Amanda Driggers reviewed TNT Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

TNT is an amazing place!!! My son just started karate here about a month ago and has already learned so much! They truly take their time in teaching each and every child what they need to know! The instructors are amazing with the kids you can tell they really love what they do! The owners are also involved in everything and are amazing people. They have really made a great company! I am so blessed to be apart of this growing company! I can't wait to see how far my baby goes with these amazing people!!!

Kensey Barrett reviewed TNT Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

The instructors, trainers, class, and atmosphere are all amazing. They make it fun for beginners and those with more experience. I love every class I got to, even when I don't feel like going.

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5 Health & Fitness Benefits of Jiu Jitsu for Men

5 Health & Fitness Benefits of Jiu Jitsu for Men

If you are looking for a way to improve your health or get in better shape, you
may not need to hit the gym. Instead, you should head to our martial arts
school. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu could be the fitness solution that you have been
searching for. Discover the benefits of Jiu Jitsu for men’s health.

1. Improve Your Cardiovascular Health
Perhaps the greatest benefit of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is improved heart health.
Doctors generally recommend between 20 and 30 minutes of cardiovascular
exercise 3 to 5 days per week.
Jiu Jitsu will get you up off the couch. Whether are practicing at home or
attending a martial arts class, you can easily hit at least 20-minutes of
This gets your blood pumping and puts stress on your heart, allowing you to
increase your heart health. With improved heart health also comes a lower risk
of heart disease and stroke.
2. A Full Body Workout for Weight Loss and Fitness
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can also provide a complete full body workout, helping with
weight loss and overall fitness. You get a high-aerobic workout that targets
quite a few different muscle groups.
Each Jiu Jitsu session can help you burn additional calories, while also
increasing your endurance. In fact, a typical hour-long session of Jiu Jitsu can burn about 500 calories. For those trying to lose weight, this could be
all that you need to finally blast the fat in trouble areas, such as your
abdominal region.

3. Improve Your Flexibility and Balance
By practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you should be able to begin improving your
flexibility and balance. You gain a better sense of balance, becoming more in
tune with your body.
The various movements that you will learn provide the advantage of
increasing your flexibility, keeping you limber. In a way, this is similar to the
benefits provided by yoga. You are extending your arms and legs, stretching,
and performing aerobic moves that will help with your flexibility.

4. Increase Your Self Esteem with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
As a final benefit to jiu jitsu, you can increase your self-esteem. This
is achieved in multiple ways.
By getting in better shape, you will feel better about your body. By learning
self-defense techniques, you will have more confidence. This combination will
have a tremendous impact on your self-esteem.

5. Gain Improved Focus and Concentration
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not just about self-defense. You are also learning how to
be in tune with your body. This teaches focus and concentration.
You need to be able to observe your opponent and focus on how you can use
their movement to your advantage. These are skills that carry through to
everyday life, helping you with concentration.
These same benefits that lead to improved focus and concentration can also
increase your mental clarity and leave you in a calm, relaxed mood.
Studies show that a Jiu Jitsu session can release endorphins that
make you happy and content. This lasts for several hours after your workout is

Start Practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Today
Jiu Jitsu can definitely help with your health and fitness. You can get
a full body workout that helps increase your endurance, flexibility, focus, and
self-esteem. You can also burn some calories, which can help you drop a few
pounds while improving your overall fitness and cardiovascular health.
Movember is just around the corner, which means it is time to raise awareness
about men’s health. This includes shedding light on cancer and mental health
issues. By adding a new physical activity to your regular routine, you can focus
on your own health and fitness.
So, as Movember approaches, start growing out your mustache and sign up for a
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class.

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