TNT Summer camp

  • Drop off as early as 7:15am

  • Pick up as late as 6:30pm

  • All field trips/activities  included

  • Daily Martial Arts Classes

  • Variety of theme weeks including Ninja Warrior, Nerf Battle, Jedi Mastery, etc.

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Quiet Time(great for reading)

Our Camp

Our summer camp provides the solution to keep everyone happy. Kids get to attend a fun summer camp that keeps them active and gives them plenty of activities to do while making new friends and connecting with old ones. You get the reassurance of knowing that your kids are learning respect, discipline, and self-control, all of which will help them when they go back to school in the fall.

"The staff was great with the kids and I honestly felt like I was dropping her off with family I trusted"

My daughter started school a couple of years ago and I was looking for a place during the summer for her to feel comfortable in and have fun. TNT offered her just that and much, much more! The staff are great with kids and I honestly felt like I was dropping her off with family I trusted. They go on weekly field trips and my daughter stays active. She has gained self-confidence and has many friends she keeps in touch with during the school year as well. Summer time is a win win for our family. I know she’s in a safe, loving, energetic program and my daughter looks forward to going every day.
anita west

lots of friends

You probably have fond memories of attending summer camp when you were a kid, and you want your children to have them, too.

Our summer camp is the perfect environment for kids to make new friends. They share common experiences in the dojo and they learn the value of respecting people with different backgrounds and experience levels.

Awesome field trips

Our field trips provide amazing experiences for our kids as they learn and explore Columbia together! They have a blast and our staff makes sure they stay safe during our  activities. 

Focused Classes

Our classes work with kids to teach them how to accept responsibility for their actions, and to pay attention to instructions and advice from their instructors. Our program teaches kids agility, courage, flexibility, and persistence in a way that allows them to build confidence. These skills translate from our martial arts studio to school – and to your home.


They want to have fun and not worry about school, and you want them not to waste their time playing video games. You want your kids to be active, and you also want to make sure they’re in a safe and well-supervised place so you can work and do whatever else you need to do. It can feel impossible to find a program that meets your criteria and will keep your kids happy – and that’s where we come in.

Our summer camp is tailor-made to be fun, educational, and social. Parents love it – and kids do, too.

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