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TNT is an amazing place! Tim and Tamayah, as well as all the instructors, are very knowledgeable and inspiring people. I love the positive atmosphere; everyone is very welcoming and helpful. It's like a huge family! I highly recommend the BJJ program, it has had an incredible impact on my life. Not only has my physical fitness and overall well being improved, but so has my self-confidence. I look forward to many, many years of training!
Ashley E.
I’ve only been at TNT for a few months but i have enjoyed it so much! Everyone is so friendly and nice, and I’ve also gained a few friends! 👍🏽😁
Anna-Marie R.

Enter Your Info to Claim Your FREE Class

Maximize your physical fitness

BJJ provides an intense, full-body workout that’s the perfect way to lose weight, increase your muscle mass, and get into great shape.

By combining cardiovascular training with toning and training, BJJ students push their bodies hard and learn what they are capable of.

It’s a great way to burn calories in a fun and supportive setting that encourages all students to do their best.

learn practical
self defense moves

The thought of having to defend yourself against a bigger, stronger assailant might be scary, but BJJ is designed to help you overcome your fears.

By teaching students to take the fight to the ground where they can use chokeholds and other effective techniques to defend themselves, BJJ helps leverage even a small body into a huge problem for an attacker.

Best of all, BJJ builds strength and agility, both of which help in self-defense situations.

walk with
confidence and pride

There’s no feeling quite like the feeling of knowing that your body is strong, agile, and able to do whatever you want it to do.

Studying BJJ gives students the knowledge that they can leverage their body’s strength to accomplish things they never thought possible.

Over time, it increases self-confidence and pride – and that carries over to work, home, and every area of your personal life.

discover what bjj can do for you

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